Innovation isn’t linear.
It’s cyclical.

OUR INCUBATION MODEL pushes you to get the most out of your new insights. You’ve just made a huge investment in understanding your customers’ perspective. Now you have to see how that perspective will work for you in the market. A cyclical approach of creating and delivering experiences optimizes business opportunities and concepts.

Scansion incubation cycles drive your innovation to market with greater agility, meaning, high relevance, and lower risk. The beauty is, you can revisit your customer perspective and insights by adding another cycle to:

  • Explore new questions around future business
  • Understand emerging segments and new customer opportunities
  • Ideate and test more product and service concepts

An Experience WavelineTM is a visual tool
for strategicially building and improving
customer relationships.

What do they capture?

Wavelines enable you to see the exact experiences and value you’re providing you customers as well as what exactly customers want. That allows you to quickly identify areas for improvements and find surprising new places for innovation.

The difference between a Waveline and a Customer Journey Map

An Experience Waveline:
  • Is strategic and experiential
  • Highlights areas of opportunity or gaps
  • Maps emotional intensity
  • Outlines the effect of an interaction on a state of mind
  • Captures overall industry experiences and reflects real time changes in customers’ lives
A Customer Journey Map:
  • Is tactical
  • Lists every touchpoint
  • Identifies what a customer thinks or needs at that point
  • Is geared towards providing info or completing a task

So what really
is a meaningful


Some experiences transcend function and emotion to become meaningful. For some, this might be learning how their fair-trade purchase will help coffee farmers. Meaningful experiences are what makes life worth living. People are more loyal to companies that provide meaningful experiences and will pay more for these experiences. The result is premium value that can last a lifetime.


Other experiences have an emotional component, like catching up with your favorite barista. While people perceive greater benefit than just the cost of the product or service, the value decreases not long after the experience.


Some experiences are more transactional in nature, like paying for a cup of coffee. While effective, experiences that are only functional don't create much value beyond the cost of the product or service.

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